Dyphal's use of JavaScript

Dyphal uses JavaScript for the following purposes only:

Notably, Dyphal does not do any of the following:

Dyphal uses JavaScript to improve its users' experience and to reduce the costs borne by the maintainers of Dyphal albums. Without using JavaScript, users of Dyphal albums would need to download considerably more data, increasing page load times, and albums would be less able to adapt themselves to users' browser windows. Likewise, without using JavaScript, album maintainers would need to either store considerably more data or run server-side scripts to generate it on demand; either way, they would need to transmit more data, increasing their costs.

Unfortunately, web browsers don't give users fine-grained control over the types of actions that JavaScript code is allowed to perform. However, Dyphal follows security best practices to limit the risk of malicious scripts being injected into albums. It supports Content Security Policy (CSP), which allows web servers to instruct browsers to restrict the permitted sources of scripts, stylesheets, images, and other information that can be loaded into web pages.

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