gThumb is an image viewer, browser, and organizer for the GNOME Desktop, which allows users to attach comments to digital photos, sort them into categories, display them as slide shows, and generate HTML photo albums for the web. It also has limited photo editing capabilities, among other features. I wrote significant parts of gThumb's web export subsystem, as well as fixing bugs in its EXIF tag handing and a security flaw in how it uses temporary files (see Gnome bugs 319933, 343867 and 358894). Prior to November 2006, patches for these issues were maintained here; they have since been accepted into the main source tree and have been available in releases since 2.9.1.

I also wrote a new web album template for gThumb, designed to dynamically arrange and re-size pictures and thumbnails to make optimal use of available screen space. It was called "BestFit" from release 2.9.1 until sometime in the 3.x timeframe, when the gThumb maintainers removed it without explaining why. Rather than trying to get it reinstated, I wrote my own tool, called "Dyphal", which consumes photo metadata as produced by gThumb but is not restricted by some of gThumb's limitations.