LaTeX Thesis Template

A close examination of the style requirements for theses at the University of Calgary reveals that the LaTeX style files provided by the University of Calgary do not meet their own requirements. I have not heard of anyone who used the university-provided style files being required to adjust their layout in order to graduate, but it is prudent to follow the requirements as closely as possible.

The templates and style files in this archive are designed to follow the University of Calgary requirements as closely as possible. They're based on the original U of C files, with substantial modifications by me, minor corrections by Ryan Vogt, and the addition of several third-party packages and a LaTeX makefile originally written by Michael Forman. Parts of this package are distributed under the GNU GPL, the GNU LGPL, and the LPPL; other parts have no specified licence.

I am no longer a student, and cannot guarantee support of this package. Use it at your own risk. However, I would appreciate being sent any corrections or improvements to this package so that I can post them here.